The world of cashmere is velvety soft & cuddly warm

What actually is cashmere?

Cashmere is the fine undercoat of the cashmere goat. The animals live most of the year in herds in harmony with the nomadic peoples in the western part of Mongolia in the wild.

Harsh winters and altitudes of around 4,000 meters are the reason why cashmere goats grow the fine, warming and temperature-regulating undercoat, which is either combed out or shorn when it comes time to shed.

What is important with cashmere?

With cashmere, it depends on the length and fineness of the fibers, which is measured in microns. 1,000 microns correspond to one millimeter. Only fibers that do not exceed a thickness of 19 microns are even considered for further processing. This alone creates the uniquely soft and pleasant skin feel for everyone who comes into contact with the product.

Advantages of cashmere

  • the fabric is soft, feels very pleasant on the skin and is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive baby skin
    Cashmere retains your baby's body heat six times better than sheep's wool
  • Cashmere absorbs moisture quickly and releases it into the air
  • Cashmere is also water-repellent,
  • dries quickly,
  • absorbs hardly any odors
  • and dirt-repellent

What quality can I expect from Chalette?

At Chalette, we pay great attention to the quality of our blankets. That's why the issue of 'pilling' ( the formation of nodules) doesn't occur at all with proper use. We ourselves have always had our blankets with us for many years, carry them everywhere with us and yet the blankets still look (almost) as good as new.