The right care

True to the motto 'less is more', your cashmere blanket feels best. Thanks to its natural protective film, liquids roll off the blanket.

If the blanket has absorbed foreign odors, air it outside overnight. This will allow the odors to evaporate and the fine hairs to stand up again so that the blanket remains soft and supple.

If the baby blanket is to be washed, then wash it cold or at max. 30 degrees in the machine, in the wool wash program with cashmere detergent. It is then best to dry it lying on a towel and, if possible, air it again for 15 minutes in the wool program of your dryer at the end.

Recommendation from experience

We work with cashmere every day and have therefore seen and tried a lot. If you are unsure about the right care for your baby blanket, we recommend kaell's detergent concentrate for cashmere & wool.

It returns the naturally protective wool grease "lanolin" with every wash and thus prevents annoying pilling. This keeps your baby blanket beautiful, cozy and smelling wonderful for a particularly long time.

Based on natural raw materials. Without brighteners or bleaching agents. No enzymes. No parabens, phosphates or synthetic dyes. No chlorine or fabric softeners. No triclosan or formaldehyde. Made in Germany.

You can buy 'Kaschmirliebe' directly from kaell via the following link. We receive a small sales commission for this.