Swaddling gives newborns a feeling of security

Why swaddling?

In the last few weeks before the birth, it has become very tight in the mother's belly. Arms and legs lie close to the baby's body. It feels safe and secure with its mother.

As soon as it is born, so many new impressions hit the newborn. Not only does it suddenly have to breathe and eat on its own, but its arms and legs also make uncontrolled movements. There is simply so much space.

Swaddling helps the baby to gain a bit of warmth and closeness - a familiar and comforting feeling from the time in the mother's womb. It is completely at ease and feels secure.

Why are Chalette blankets so suitable for swaddling?

  • Breathable & warming | Cashmere, the high-quality animal hair of the cashmere goat, is breathable and at the same time wonderfully warming without the child overheating
  • Elastic & soft | The fine stitches make the baby blanket very elastic and build up tension without constricting the newborn too much
  • Easy to secure | The cuffs at the top and bottom of the blanket ensure that the cashmere blanket pulls together particularly well at these points. This means that the ends are held in place without the use of any aids and can better withstand spontaneous movements by the baby

Swaddling - step by step

1 | Place your baby at the top of the blanket. The cuff and your child's shoulders are in line.

2 | Wrap the right side of the blanket around your child's body. The blanket must be taut, but of course not too tight.

3 | Now wrap the wrong side around your child's body and tuck the loose end under the cuff.

4 | Fold the lower part of the baby blanket upwards. Fold the blanket over so that it covers your child up to the collarbone.

5 | Wrap the right side around your child under slight tension.

6 | Wrap the left side around your child and tuck the end under the already wrapped blanket.

What should I look out for when swaddling?

Swaddling is an aid for newborns to help them fall asleep and not be woken by their own spontaneous and unconscious movements. It is not intended to sedate a baby. Babies who have a fever or suffer from hip dysplasia must never be swaddled.

It is also important that babies are not wrapped too tightly, as this can pinch nerves or lead to malpositioning of the hips.

Ask your midwife if you need help or more information. She will certainly be happy to help you!