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We are confident in our product

The idea for 'Chalette' has been with me for a long time. Because my own cashmere blankets, the original product of what you see here, so to speak, have always been faithful companions to me as a mother. And never, in all these years, have I found a baby blanket that came close to our blankets.

And so here I am, finally taking matters into my own hands: At Chalette you get the biggest, softest, most functional and most beautiful baby blanket you could ever wish for. See for yourself!

Beautiful & special, but it has to be practical

Franziska has always wanted to be self-employed, realize her own ideas and work on something she is 100% behind. With the founding of 'Chalette', she was finally able to put her plans into practice.

She has many years of experience in fashion, jewelry and digital commerce with smaller and larger brands. In 'Chalette' she combines her experience and creates a wonderful shopping experience for you!

Franziska is the mother of three children and lives with her family in beautiful Bremen.

Our background

We are a small, young company and every day we face the challenge of reconciling our families, our ideas and our visions. And that is our greatest motivation. Because we are 100% convinced of what we do and we do it out of pure passion!

We like to be close to the product and close to you. So if you have any suggestions or questions, please write to us at or contact us on Instagram @chalette.stories.